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8 different Types of farming in India list - farming idea

Types of farming in India with analysis

Farming is one of the best ways for food among all sources. Still, Indian villager's life's based on farming.
The world's population increasing but food production isn't. That's why this world experiencing food scarcity. 
90% of Indian farmers are using old methods for farming because they're uneducated. We can increase food production by using advanced farming methods.
Major types of farming in India
1. Organic farming2. Mixed farming3. Nomadic farming4. Subsistence farming5. Poultry farming6. Commercial farming7. Fish farming
1. Organic farming

It improves soil fertility and avoids pesticides and fertilizers for farming.
To maintain soil productivity organic farming came into existence. Farmers use natural manures and natural pest-controlling methods. Organic farming is the fastest-growing farming in India and all over the world. Now, everyone likes organic food for a healthy life.
Benefits of organic farming
Pesticide-freeLow in…

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