1 acre farm ideas in india to boost your income

80% of Indian farmers have 1 acre to 4 acres of land. So they are not able to make sufficient money for their families through farming. Sometimes they are experiencing massive losses due to the high rainfall, insufficient water, and by using fake seeds and fake artificial fertilizers.

There are many types of farming available to produce more crops in 1 acre. But many of us don’t know about that farm ideas, and we won’t try to learn them. Foreigners practice new farming techniques and new technology in farming, so they get high profits than us.

To get a high profit on small scale land, we have to sell our products for a high price. Generally, price depends on the demand in the market. Most of the farmers won’t observe it. You have to know the highly demanded products in your locality.

Here are some 1-acre farm ideas to increase your income

Multilayer farming

We can use multilayer farming into two types. One is, as shown in the picture, like layers, and another type is integrated farming. Both are profitable, but layer farming needs more investment than integrated farming.

1 acre farm idea in india

Multilayer farming is a new integrated farming system during which 4 to five different crops are grown in the identical crop-field at a specific time. In this farming method, farmers give you multilayer seed sowing during which different vegetable and fruit crops are being sown in deep, centre, high, topmost layers of soil, following their own root zone, concurrently in a single crop method.

Multi-layer is the most profitable farming method in small-scale land. It doubles your regular income. Some developed countries are also using this method to boost their income. Multilayer farming increases revenue as well as production. You can use this method for many layers, and it’s a low investment and high profitable method.


In India, mango, coconut, and bananas have high-demand. So I want to produce these three crops on my land, but I have only limited land 1 acre or 2 acres of land. In this case, I can use multilayer farming.

Mushroom farming

Mushroom farming is one of the most profitable farming in India. Generally, mushroom farming needs less space, and you can start it with low investment. Already some farmers are practicing mushroom farming in India, and they are getting good returns. So Mushroom farming is one of the best 1-acre farm ideas in India.

Mushrooms comprise an additional quantity of nutritional vitamins B2 and B3. These nutritional vitamins care for the metabolism and the discharge of power from carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Vitamin B2 can also be mandatory for wholesome pores and skin. Folic acid is critical for progress and the manufacturing of blood. It is likely one of the few nutritional vitamins of which, in common, we soak up too little from our meals.

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